How to use a rivet and rivet gun

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Rivets are designed to join two pieces of metal or plastic together through a pre-drilled hole. They can be used in making metal or plastic objects or for repairs around the house, such as re-attaching a loose piece of guttering or iron. Rivets come in varied thicknesses and lengths and attached to a pin as shown. For general household use, it is best to buy a selection of sizes.

For our example, we use rivet size 4-5 The first number refers to the diameter of the rivet in 32nds of an inch. The second number refers to the maximum grip length in 16ths of an inch. Size 4-5 rivet is 4/32" (1/8") diameter with a 5/16" maximum grip range.

rivet sizing diameter and max grip range

Pop rivets are sold with a stated 'grip range', which is the total thickness of the parts being joined, so look on the packaging to assess the size of rivet you need for the job. For example, the length of a flat- or round-head aluminum rivet should be 1.5 times the diameter of the rivet shaft plus the thickness of the parts being joined.
  • The diameter is the diameter of the rivets body.
  • The grip is the thickness of the material being riveted.
* Maximum grip range is not the length of the rivets body.
 rivet gun Place the pin of the rivet into the head of the riveter as shown.
insert rivet Pass the rivet through the pre-drilled hole in the metal or plastic sheets
riveting Check that everything is aligned and squeeze the handles of the rivet gun together until you hear a snapping sound. Sometimes this might take two or three squeezes. The rivet is now attached. Usually the rivet pin remains in the rivet gun. Remove this by pushing it through with another rivet pin. Rivets cannot be undone.








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