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1-72 x 1/8" Grub Screws Allen Socket Set Screw Stainless Steel Qty 25

UPC: 842176150970
Thread Size: 1-72
Thread Diameter: 0.073"
Thread Length: 1/8"
Thread Length Decimal: 0.125"
Fastener Thread Count (TPI): 72
Thread Coverage: Full Thread
Head Diameter: 0.073"
Drive Size: 0.035"
Material Type: Stainless Steel 18-8
Thread Type: Inch
Thread Style: Fine
Thread Direction: Right Hand
Drive Style: Allen Hex Key

A set screw is a type of screw generally used to secure an object within or against another object. The set screw passes through a threaded hole in the outer object and is tightened against the inner object to prevent it from moving relative to the outer object. It exerts compressional or clamping force through the bottom tip that projects through the hole. The Cup Point has a special cup section supplied on the end of the threaded member having a depression in the end to reduce the area in contact with the surface which increases its holding and locking power under pressure.