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10-32 x 1/2" Slotted oval Head Machine Screws Stainless Steel 18-8 Qty 100

UPC: 842176139234
Thread Size: 10-32
Thread Diameter: 0.190"
Thread Length: 1/2"
Thread Length Decimal: 0.324"
Fastener Thread Count (TPI): 32
Thread Coverage: Full Thread
Head Diameter: 0.362"
Head Height: 0.176"
Drive Size: 5/16"
Material Type: Stainless Steel 18-8
Thread Type: Inch
Thread Style: Fine
Thread Direction: Right Hand
Screw Head Style: Oval
Drive Style: Slotted

Oval heads have a low dome and are tapered for counterinking. Machine Screws are a straight shanked fastener designed to be used in a hole that is pre tapped or a clear hole with a nut on the opposite side. Stainless Steel Machine Screws are used in applications which require general atmospheric corrosion resistance, refridgeration quipment, and food processing machinery. These screws have an approximate Rockwell hardness of B85 - B95 and a minimum Tensile Strength of 80,000 PSI. Machine screws are often used with nuts but also often driven into tapped holes (without nuts). They might be considered a screw or a bolt based on the Machinery's Handbook distinction. In practice, they tend to be mostly available in smaller sizes and the smaller sizes are referred to as screws or less ambiguously as machine screws, although some kinds of machine screw can be referred to as stove bolts.