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#10 x 1" Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws 316 Stainless Steel Self Tap Qty 25

UPC: 842176182629
Thread Size: #10
Thread Diameter: 0.190"
Thread Length: 1"
Thread Length Decimal: 1"
Thread Coverage: Full Thread
Head Diameter: 0.448"
Head Height: 0.118"
Drive Size: #2
Material Type: Stainless Steel 316
Thread Type: Inch
Thread Style: Coarse
Thread Direction: Right Hand
Screw Head Style: Truss
Drive Style: Phillips
A Truss head screw has a head with flat underside and a slightly domed top. It has almost no exposed edge. Sheet Metal Screws have deep spiral threads the entire length and with a pointed end. Holds thin metal sheets together. Holds well in wood, Plastic, and Fiberglass. Manufactured from metal. Can be rotated into or out of the object using a screwdriver.

  • Plastic
  • Plexi glass
  • Wood
  • And of course sheet metal
Sheet metal screws are also the go to fasteners for use with plastic wall anchors in drywall.
Tapping screws are considered externally threaded fasteners that "tap" their own mating threads in metallic and non-metallic (such as plastic) materials.
Tapping screws, especially Type A, are referred to as "sheet metal screws" because one of their first applications was in ventilation ducts made of sheet metal.
They also make excellent fasteners for attaching metal hardware to wood because the fully threaded shank provides good retention in wood
Phillips drive is x-shaped for installation with a phillip screw driver.
The design is often criticized for its tendency to cam out at lower torque levels than other "cross head" designs.
There has long been a popular belief that this was actually a deliberate feature of the design, for the purpose of assembling aluminum aircraft without over tightening the fasteners.