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3/8-16 x 11" Hex Bolts Galvanized Cap Screws With Nuts Quantity 5


UPC: 842176172552
Thread Size: 3/8-16
Thread Length String: 11"
Thread Length String Decimal 6"
Fastener Thread Count (TPI): 16
Thread Coverage: Partial Thread
Head Height: 0.101"
Drive Size: 9/16"
Material Type: Carbon Steel 307A
Thread Type: Inch
Thread Style: Coarse
Thread Direction: Right Hand
Screw Head Style: Hex
Drive Style: External Hex


Hex Cap Screws are bolts with e hexgonal head. Hex cap Sccrews offer a tighter tolerance than its fully threaded tap bolt counterpart and are the most commonly used bolt in the consctruction, automotive, and food industries. A Galvanized coating is the process of applying a protective layer of zinc that prevents rusting. These bolts are coated by the hot dip galvanizing process, in which they are dipped into a bath of molten zinc. These fasteners are a great choice for use with pressure treated wood or any application that is exposed to elements that may cause corrosion.
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