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Fastener washer types

Flat Washers
Offer a bolt or screw a wider bearing surface that will disperse the load weight to a greater surface area and ensure that the nut or bolt is pressed up against a smooth surface thus reducing the chances of the fastener loosening over time.
Cup Washers
Give the ability to add a finished look to a project where the material is too hard for the countersunk screw head to countersink itself as well as preventing screw heads from pulling through a pilot hole that is larger than the the head of the screw.
Fender Washers
Are similar in shape and performance to a flat washer except the outside diameter is much larger in proportion to the center hole.
Split Lock Washers
Split and bent to create a spring-like effect when fully compressed provide greater bolt tension per unit of applied torque providing protection against the fastener loosening from vibration
Tooth Lock Washer
Internal tooth lock washers work by sinking their teetch into to the head of the fastener and the material that is being fastened into creating a strong bond that keeps the screws and bolts in place