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Zinc Wedge Anchors

Zinc wedge anchors are applied mostly to fasten items to concrete surfaces using a pre-drilled hole. Zinc plating is aimed at indoor applications as it carries just a medium level of corrosion resistance. At the same time, a zinc anchor is a more economical choice, so in any project that does not involve exposure to moisture or unfavorable weather conditions, they can be an efficient solution. After installation, zinc anchors cannot be removed once the mechanical anchor has expanded into the concrete material.

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What Are Zinc Wedge Anchors Used For?

The design of zinc wedge anchors allows for a secure hold, making them a perfect choice for attaching heavy loads to concrete. Here are some of the most common uses of this product:

  • Fastening beams, columns, and support brackets to concrete foundations in commercial and residential buildings
  • Anchoring machinery and heavy equipment to concrete floors in industrial settings, increasing stability and safety
  • Installation of indoor safety barriers and railing systems in public and private spaces for enhanced security
  • Strengthening existing structures during renovation projects by providing additional support to concrete elements
  • Mounting signs onto walls or poles
  • Hanging light fixtures from ceilings
  • Attaching electrical junction boxes, shelves, or cabinets to walls or floors
  • Securing door frames to floors

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