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Machine Screws

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Machine screws can be considered both a screw and bolt, threaded into any internally threaded item that has the same machined thread pattern or can be paired with nuts and washers.

Machine Screws vs Bolts

Machine screws are used similarly to bolts except that they are driven with a screw driver instead of a wrench or socket.

Offered with many different head and drive style options, machine screws can easily match the desired aesthetic of your project. Using flat washers underneath the head greatly increases the surface contact area and will help prevent damage to soft or brittle materials.

Machine screws are available with many different head styles, some serving a functional purpose and others being more decoractive. Understanding the differences will help you decide which style best suits your project.

Machine Screw Head Style Guide

2d pan head machine screws
Pan Head Machine Screws
Pan heads have a domed top with a flat load bearing surface on the underside that will hold materials being fastened firmly together; these machine screws can be paired with an internal tooth lock washer to form a bond that will withstand vibrations and high traffic when required.
Truss Head Machine Screws
Truss heads have very wide and low profile that gives a clean appearance as well as offering a much larger than most surface area that is required for applications where there is a risk of a screw head pulling through a pilot hole.
2d round head machine screw
Round Head Machine Screws
Round heads feature a round top very similar to half of a sphere with a flat load bearing surface on the underside that will hold materials being fastened firmly together.
2d self drilling screw
Flat Head Machine Screws
Flat heads have a flat top that tapers down to a cone shape at a specified angle and will sit flush into a countersunk hole giving a finished appearance.
2d self drilling screw
Oval Head Machine Screws
Oval heads are a countersunk style with a cone shaped bearing surface and a rounded top that is preferred over flat heads in a conical application or one that a more decorative finish is desired.

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