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Wood Screws

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What Are Deck Screws?

Deck screws designed specifically for use in wood and primarily for decks as the name suggests; have a deep wide coarse thread that is set at the proper angle to ensure a secure long lasting hold while reducing splitting and cracking.

Features of a deck screw

  • Type-17 (auger type) cutting tip to aid in the installation into wood and composite decking by cutting its way into the lumber without walking.
  • Bugle heads or 90 degree flat heads that allow the screw to depress the wood surface, sit flush, and countersink themselves into hard or soft woods.

Steps to installing a deck screw

  1. It's always recommended to test the deck screws with the chosen edge distance on a scrap board before installation to make sure the screws will not split the board.
  2. Pre-Drill the ends of the board to avoid the possibility of splitting .
  3. Beware of Knots! Knots in wood are extremely hard, if the screw encounters a knot it will most definitely snap or strip the head.
  4. Press down on the back of the drill to apply force and drive the deck screw straight down into the board.
  5. Drive the deck screw until the head is flush or slightly deeper than the board.
  6. *Caution* Do not over torque once the head is flush, this will cause the deck screw to snap.

Wood Screw Pilot Hole Sizes

Screw Size Hard Wood Soft Wood
#2 1/16" Drill Bit 1/16"
#3 5/64" 1/16"
#4 5/64" 1/16"
#5 3/32" 5/64"
#6 7/64" 3/32"
#7 7/64" 3/32"
#8 1/8" 7/64"
#9 9/64" 1/8
#10 9/64" 1/8"
#12 5/32" 9/64"
#14 11/64" 5/32"
#16 3/16" 11/64"
#18 7/32" 13/64"

Silicon Bronze Screws

A screw is a basic concept — a cylinder with an inclined plane wrapped around it that you use as a fastener. With that said, several types exist, including silicon bronze screws, which we offer. Let's discuss the benefits and this screw type's wide range of uses.

Silicon Bronze Screw Material Benefits

Silicon bronze is durable, meaning this material lasts for a long time. It also holds its aesthetic appeal for quite some time.

Silicon bronze screws have high heat resistance, making them an option for use in electronic devices. Because they're also corrosion-resistant, you may use them for indoor and outdoor projects. These screws are harder than many other screw varieties. For instance, brass, a mixture of zinc and copper, is much softer than silicon bronze. And when compared to stainless steel screws, silicon bronze has more tensile strength and is denser.

Silicon Bronze Screw Applications

Sometimes, people refer to these screws as silicon bronze wood screws because woodworkers prefer them. They're useful for furniture, and boat builders favor them as well.

Another application for these screws is for decks. As wood deck screws, they hold up for years and blend in well with deck material. Additionally, silicon bronze is a semiconductor, so you can use it for electrical circuitry.

Contact Fastenere for Silicon Bronze Screws Today

Whether you have a boat-building, woodworking, or electrical project, Fastenere has screws for the job. We have a wide variety, including flat-head, round-head, and oval-head options. We provide an assortment of screw materials, including silicon bronze — one of our popular fastener options. Plus, when you choose us, we ship screws right to your home, usually within 2-5 days.

If you have any questions, contact us at 516-565-6600.

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