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Wood Screws

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What Are Deck Screws?

Deck screws designed specifically for use in wood and primarily for decks as the name suggests; have a deep wide coarse thread that is set at the proper angle to ensure a secure long lasting hold while reducing splitting and cracking.

Features of a deck screw

  • Type-17 (auger type) cutting tip to aid in the installation into wood and composite decking by cutting its way into the lumber without walking.
  • Bugle heads or 90 degree flat heads that allow the screw to depress the wood surface, sit flush, and countersink themselves into hard or soft woods.

Steps to installing a deck screw

  1. It's always recommended to test the deck screws with the chosen edge distance on a scrap board before installation to make sure the screws will not split the board.
  2. Pre-Drill the ends of the board to avoid the possibility of splitting .
  3. Beware of Knots! Knots in wood are extremely hard, if the screw encounters a knot it will most definitely snap or strip the head.
  4. Press down on the back of the drill to apply force and drive the deck screw straight down into the board.
  5. Drive the deck screw until the head is flush or slightly deeper than the board.
  6. *Caution* Do not over torque once the head is flush, this will cause the deck screw to snap.

Wood Screw Pilot Hole Sizes

Screw Size Hard Wood Soft Wood
#2 1/16" Drill Bit 1/16"
#3 5/64" 1/16"
#4 5/64" 1/16"
#5 3/32" 5/64"
#6 7/64" 3/32"
#7 7/64" 3/32"
#8 1/8" 7/64"
#9 9/64" 1/8
#10 9/64" 1/8"
#12 5/32" 9/64"
#14 11/64" 5/32"
#16 3/16" 11/64"
#18 7/32" 13/64"

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